Frequently Asked Questions

Encircasm Service Agents

DuPont Pioneer® recommends Professional Errors and Omissions for ENCIRCA CSA’s in their handbook.

What is this?

Specialized Errors and Omissions Insurance for Encircasm Certified Services Agents. This specifically structured Errors and Omissions (E&O) program is designed specifically for Encircasm Certified Services Agents. This is NOT a products or completed operations policy which should be referred to your general liability carrier.

Who needs Errors and Omissions insurance?

Consultants providing Encircasm services.

What is covered by Errors and Omissions?

  • Mistakes, omissions or oversights in recommendations, suggestions etc
  • Failure to produce the result claimed due to an error
  • Negligence in professional actions

This insurance product is:

  • One of a kind policy for Encircasm Certified Services Agents.
  • Available through a specialized agency
  • Specifically priced for the DuPont Pioneer Encircasm Certified Services Agent