We take our jobs, but not ourselves, seriously. Take Shelly, for example. She loves troll dolls….yes that is a picture of troll artwork in her office. Yes, that is also a picture of Shelly in the Troll display at the theater….

Welcome to The Crop Shop website. I am Steve Nicklaus, owner and “trying to retire” partner within our organization. I previously owned and operated a full service insurance agency for over 20 years before selling that and working part time for the new owners. I learned pretty quickly that I wasn’t employee material and headed back out to do my own thing.

I love the challenge of creating new products geared toward the Ag industry and thinking outside the box. I created a dividend crop hail program as well as a dairy gross margin organization. The latest and greatest of these is of course the specialized errors and omissions policy we offer for Pioneer.

As much as I enjoy the work I do, I am fully engaged in enjoying life along the way. My wife Sue and I love to travel and we enjoy watching the Iowa State basketball teams either in person or on tv. I spend time biking, grilling, and even filling in for our pastor on occasion! We have two daughters, Shelly being the oldest (she loves it when I introduce her that way!) 2 son in laws and 2 perfect grandchildren… Yes, it is appropriate to laugh here 🙂

We appreciate your time spent at The Crop Shop site…. It is our virtual “front office” and we want to welcome you. Since we are unable to sit across the table personally we want you to have a chance to know us and understand our core values – honesty, integrity and innovation.

Please contact us so we can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to getting to know you!